How to Choose a Maid Service

If you are planning to hire someone to clean your home you need to take into account some factors before choosing a maid:

  • Do I choose a maid service or individual that cleans homes?


    • Maids are trained– they should clean your home using the same professional methods approved by the company
    • The company can offer more flexability in scheduling due to having multiple teams
    • The company is insured to cover property damage
    • Teams of maids will spend less time in your home and still provide a quality clean
    • If is likely you won’t have the same maid every time


    • The individual you hire will likely be the only person cleaning your home
    • Your availability of service depends on the availability of the individual. Family issues or illness could keep your home from being cleaned.
    • Professional training is often non-existant and she will likely be using inadequate equipment or cleaners
    • If something in your home property is damaged, who will pay for it’s repair?
    • A single individual will take longer and be in our home longer

    What frequency of cleaning is best for you?

    Most maid services schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings.

    Choose Weekly Cleaning:

    • If you have a large home
    • If someone in the home has a condition that necessitates cleaner environment
    • If you have children and/or your home is well trafficked

    Choose Bi-weekly Cleaning:

    • If you have a smaller smaller home
    • There are unutilized areas in your home
    • You are comfortable waiting a week for your next cleaning

    Choose Monthly Cleaning:

    • If you would rather do light cleaning yourself but have a professional cleaning once a month
    • If there is very little activity or you are absent from the home so the that regular cleaning isn’t needed

    The more frequently your home is cleaned the less time it will take, which will result in a lower weekly cost than bi-weekly or monthly cleanings.

    More frequent cleanings give us the ability to address issues in more detail and focus on keeping your home in pristine condition.

    You are paying for more than just labor

    When you hire The Maids of Honor you get:

    • Labor — the number of people multiplied by the time required
    • Quality cleaning supplies — the cleaners, cloths, dusters, brushes
    • Profession quipment— the mops,  vacuum cleaners
    Don't just ask for the price

    When get an estimate, don't just ask for the price:

    • Ask for proof of insurance
    • Ask what kind of service you should expect every time
    • Ask what guarantee they offer
    • Ask how to lodge a complaint or give feedback 
    • Ask about their policy on rescheduling