Why Choose The Maids of Honor

  • What Makes The Maids of Honor the Right Maid Service?

    The Maids of Honor is a local family-owned business with combined decades of professional cleaning experience.

    Prospective maids are carefully screened, including a background check, before they ever set foot in your home.

    Maids receive extensive training that expands their knowledge of products, new techniques, equipment, safety and health, and customer service.

    The Maids of Honor maintains General Liability Insurance as well as bonding to protect you against damage if an employee is found to be negligent.

    The training, the well-developed cleaning process, and the high quality maids make it possible for The Maids of Honor to offer Our Guarantee to its customers.

    There's Always Someone Cheaper

    An individual who cleans houses on the side will often offer a cheaper price upfront than hiring a professional cleaning service,  but what if…

    • Someone gets hurt while cleaning your home?
    • Something is broken. Are they insured to replace the item?
    • Will they claim you as an employer on their taxes?