Insuring the Best Service Possible

Unlike most most types of businesses our workplace is in your home. This overlap of can lead to an number of misunderstandings, especially by the client. We would like to review so items that would insure you are provided the best service possible and clear up any confussion from having a maid work in your home.

Cancelations: The more frequently your home is cleaned the easier it is to upkeep. If your rate for service is discounted due to a higher frequency of cleaning and you skip a cleaning, it makes the next clean more intensive and therefore may result in a higher rate on the next service. We prefer to be notified of cancelations via phone, email, or text at least 24 hours prior to service.

Lock-outs: If our crew arrives and they are locked out, a $20 Lock-out fee will be assessed on the next cleaning.

Pets: Just like any other job, saftey is job one. If you have a pet that is overly protective or energetic, please see that they are secured either in a closed environment or under your control at all times. We want an environment which is safe and pleasant for everyone, including your pet.

AC & Heating: During the extreme temperatures of Summer & Winter, we would appreciate it if the home’s temperature is more conducive to physical activity. Please consider that you would appreciate and expect the same while working at your place of employment.

Valuables, monies & firearms: Please take precautions when you have any outside service workers in your residence. Be mindful about leaving certain items unsecured. We hire honest people and conduct background checks on our maids. But let’s not tempt anyone with cash, medicine, jewelry, credit cards, checks or other valuables which are easily accessible. Also, if there are guns or ammunition in the house, please have them locked away. We do have law enforcement officials and regular citizens who would fall under this category.

Other issues or concerns: Please tell us if there is anything unusual, special or required in your household for our staff members to be aware of, in order to keep a safe, environmentally friendly and productive workplace, which would enable us to provide the best possible service for you.

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